Personal data protection (GDPR)

During the activities of Futaba Czech, s.r.o. (FCZ), personal data is processed. In accordance with the GDPR and the Personal Data Protection Act, the company has taken appropriate measures to protect the personal data provided. We will provide you with more detailed information in time for any processing of personal data.

The protection of personal data for FCZ workers (regular, agency, etc.) is processed in the employer's internal directive FWI_GA009.

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In accordance with Act No. 171/2023 Coll. the internal notification system, which has been implemented in our company since the beginning of its operation, was adjusted. The internal reporting system is used to report possible illegal actions:

  • of which the whistleblower learned about in the work context, and at the same time
  • which, according to the whistleblower, endangered or damaged the public interest in the areas specified in the law (for example, in the area of awarding public contracts, preventing the legalization of proceeds from criminal activity and terrorist financing, consumer protection or environmental protection or the protection of the financial interests of the European Union).

Information before notification

What obligations does the whistleblower have?
Given the circumstances and information available to him at the time of the notification, the whistleblower should have good reason to believe that the facts reported or published to him are authentic and true. It is therefore not possible to report knowingly false facts. Such behavior may be sanctioned.

When obtaining documents documenting the reported facts, the whistleblower should not engage in conduct that could have the nature of a criminal offense.

The whistleblower should act in the public interest and in good faith that the report submitted by him is based on credible facts and circumstances.

The whistleblower should be able to identify the area of the illegal act (link to the area of illegal acts and exceptions) and think about what verifiable information he can provide about the reported illegal act. The extent and quality of the information submitted can positively influence the way the notification is investigated.

Notice can be given:

1) internally

  • by phone to +420-722-977-897 (the call is always recorded, in case of disagreement you will be invited to submit a notification in another way)
  • by email: whistleblowing@fcz.cz
  • in writing to the address:
    Futaba Czech, s.r.o.
    Baštínov 130
    580 01 Havlíčkův Brod
    The envelope must be marked with the words " Do not open - to the hands of the GA manager " and send as a registred mail.
  • in person (by prior arrangement at the above-mentioned phone number)

The person in charge of receiving and investigation the notification is the GA manager.

2) externally

What happens after the notification is made?

  • The FCZ shall assess whether the notification meets the conditions for handling under the law and shall notify the notifier of this within 7 days of receipt of the notification.
  • The competent person shall investigate the information in the notification and, if confirmed, take appropriate action, in particular propose corrective measures or take further action, e.g. refer the notification to law enforcement authorities, offence authorities or other relevant public authorities.
  • The competent person shall inform the whistleblower of the outcome of the investigation and of the proposed measures within 3 months of notification of receipt of the report.

How does our company process the personal data contained in the notification or how does it maintain confidentiality?

  • More detailed information about the processing of personal data of our company is given above.
  • Confidentiality of information is ensured by the introduction of an internal notification system, where notifications are processed exclusively by one person. Documents related to this agenda are secured against intrusion by mechanical means. Electronic communication through the e-mail address whistleblowing@fcz.cz is secure and only one person has access to it.

Information for whistleblowers can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice: Information for whistleblowers under the Act on the Protection of Whistleblowers - Whistleblower (justice.cz) , which is part of the Whistleblower - Ministry of Justice (justice.cz) page.