Motto & Management Principles

Company motto

Our company global motto is Quality product at lower cost”.

Management principle

We will continue with unceasing efforts to achieve the following.

  • Be a company that is trusted by and essential to our customers.
  • Be a company that is a source of motivation and pride for associates we work with.
  • Be a company that is broadly supported and loved by the local society.

Sustainability policy (CSR, SDGs)

The sustainability policy of our company is managed centrally by the parent company so that the economic, social and environmental needs of the company in the area of well-being in the short, medium and especially long-term horizon are met. The policy is based on the premise that development must meet the needs of society without compromising the quality of life of future generations. For this reason, we are aware of the need to create conditions for the long-term economic development of our company and at the same time ensure that due consideration is given to the environment.

One of the key activities in this area is the company's activities in accordance with the goals of sustainable development (SDGs).

Code of Conduct

Chapter 1: Our behavior towards company relationships

1. Creating a bright and healthy workplace

  • Ensure health and safetyWe will prioritize safety in the workplace, and strive to maintain our health.
  • Respect individuality
    We will respect the individuality and make efforts to better our work environment and relationships with others, and also we will not take any part in sexual harassment or any other harassment in the workplace.
  • Honesty
    We will observe the law and its spirit, and not do anything improper or dishonest in light of social common sense.
  • Dedication to our jobs
    We will understand the Management Principles, devote ourselves to our work, and work for the betterment of order and discipline in the workplace.

2. Asset preservation and management of confidential information

  • Asset preservation
    We will use company assets with care, and will not use them for anything other than work-related activities.
  • Protection of intellectual property
    We will take care to not allow the improper use of company intellectual property, and will not use or copy the intellectual property of others without permission.
  • Protection of company confidential information
    We will rigorously control company confidential information and strive to prevent its spread.
  • Protect personal information
    We will appropriately manage all personal information possessed by the company.

Chapter 2: Our behavior toward company activities

3. Environment preservation activities

  • Consideration of the environment
    We will actively work to promote the conservation of natural resources and energy, as well as recycling.

4. Sales and purchasing activities

  • Good faith transactions
    We will adhere rigidly to the anti-trust law and other related laws, and conduct all business with customers and suppliers equally and fairly, and conform to proper procedures.
  • Prohibition of bribery
    We will not benefit any excessive profits by bribery or by any other improper ways domestically and internationally.

5. Manufacturing (Monozukuri *) that is trusted by customers

  • Workplace safety
    We will always follow the idea of "safety comes first" while we work.
  • Quality assurance
    After production, regardless whether the product goes to the customer or elsewhere for further assembly, we will act if it is going straight to the customer and strive to assure product quality.
  • Continuous Improvement
    We will improve our abilities and technical skills, and move forward with continuous improvement.

6. Aspire to become a globally trusted corporation

  • Respect for international and local laws and customs
    We will honor both international and local laws and customs as we develop our business activities.
  • Contribute to the world through manufacturing (Monozukuri *)
    We will develop, produce, and provide products that follow the spirit of “quality products at a lower cost”
  • Management of export transaction
    We will conduct export transaction properly by following the procedure in accordance with the law.

* “Monozukuri” is a word derived from Japanese which expresses not just the concept of manufacturing, which by itself has somewhat of a cold, mechanical feeling, but also expresses the labor,effort,cooperation,craftsmanship, and heart that each individual puts into making a product.

Chapter 3: Our behavior towards our society

7. Open and fair communication with the community

  • Providing timely and accurate information
    We will listen to the community, and provide timely and accurate information.

8. Become a corporate citizen that the community trusts

  • Actively participate in community activities
    We will actively volunteer and participate in disaster and crime prevention activities, attend community functions and deepen our relationship with the local community.

9. Citizenship

  • Response to influences that go against society
    We will not have any sort of relationship with antisocial organizations, such as violence groups/gangs, and will face inappropriate demands with resolve as an organization.

10. As a caring driver

  • Observance of traffic rules
    We will obey traffic laws by wearing our seat belts, following speed limits, and we will absolutely not drink and drive.
  • Driving with care
    We will use good manners while on the road and be a thoughtful driver.