(Integrated Quality, Environmental and Safety Management System)


This policy is created by the company management of Futaba Czech, s.r.o. as an expression of the attitude to Quality, Environmental and Safety issue. The basic FCZ management concept is to be one of the top significant suppliers of automotive parts emphasising on Quality, Safety and the Environment Protection. Our effort is to reduce the impact on these 3 issues by ensuring the well qualified and responsible approach from all of our employees.

Everyone in Futaba Czech s.r.o. is aware that:

  • the basic obligation of all leaders is the responsibility for setting and keeping the rules with regards to Quality, Safety and Environment Protection Management at each working section,
  • each employee contributes to keeping the set standard of Quality, participates at the continuous improvement of Safety and is responsible for the protection of environment while performing working duties.

Quality Management, Environment Protection Management and Safe Working Conditions for it’s employees and their continuous improvement, including prevention, belong to one of the highest priority of Futaba Czech, s.r.o.

The steps leading to continual improvement of IMS:

QMS (Quality Management System)

  • assurance and continual improvement of stable and functional quality management system
  • increasing of customer trust by assurance and continual improvement of quality management system
  • reach of the stable and high quality of our products
  • continual improvement and expansion of offered products concerning customer requests
  • with professional and reliable approach to the customer accurately identify his demands, that the company can fully submit it’s planning and control of all necessary processes to fulfil these demands

EMS (Environmental Management System)

  • optimization of production process in terms of energy and material consumption
  • reduction of the volume of waste and sewerage water
  • prevention against unexpected events

Safety management (Occupational Safety and Health Management System)

  • reduction of the risks arising from working environment
  • prevention against the working accidents and health affect rise
  • continual improvement of Safety and Health Management, working environment status and working conditions

For fulfilment of these steps, FCZ top-management proposes the following fundamentals:

  1.  To fulfil the legal requirements of the Czech law regarding environmental, working safety and health issues as well as those to which the company is bound.
  2. To pursue the continuous improvement in the field of quality, safety and environmental issue by use of effective  management system in production, technological and other processes.
  3. To take in the targets, targeted values and IMS programmes into all stages of company business plan and to review their performance and effectiveness by the top management.
  4. To educate, train and motivate the employees in order to carry out the activities in a responsible way related to their working environment and to lead the employees to keeping set rules in the area of quality, safety and the environment. To strengthen the open communication and dialog with the employees, public and other third parties by receiving their suggestions and reacting on them.
  5. To present, realize and keep actual IMS policy, to communicate it to all persons working for the organizations and present it in the suitable way to the public.
  6. During the selection of suppliers and business partners, to take into account their approach towards Quality, Safety and Environment Management issues. Evaluate and give a preference to co-operation with the suppliers that fulfil the requirements of Quality Management System according to ČSN EN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, Environmental System according to ČSN EN ISO 14001 and Occupational Safety and Health Management System according to ISO 45001.


Uichi Maeda, president
In Havlíčkův Brod dne 2. 9. 2019

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