Our company was established as the first factory of Japanese company Futaba Industrial, Co., Ltd. in continental Europe. We are an automobile and vehicle assembly parts producer. We count among our customers companies such as TMMCZ (Czech), TMMF (France), MSC (Hungary) and PSA (France).

Working toward our goal of becoming a major supplier to other  significant European customers in the future, we have acquired ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificates.

In our company we take all measures to carry out Futaba Japan’s policy and focus on zero accidents, zero waste and 100% deliveries.   By fulfilling all these goals we would like to create and develop a strong company with secure, safe working conditions and a clear vision.  In order to provide Quality Products for Less it is necessary to constantly grow and develop, to make use of the global production network, technological developments and to build our own identity in business, labour and regional environments, and to be able to earn the trust of our customers.

By focusing on tsukuridashi manufacturing of the best products and tsukurikomi the continuous development of the best product, we want to focus on our  manufacturing experience and contribute to the development of the company and the whole Vysocina region where our company is located. Lastly, we focus on strengthening mutual trust and communication between employees, building up awareness of their responsibilities and foster motivation for more effective and efficient team work.

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